12 thoughts on “CONTACT ANNA

  1. Marianne Hougland says:

    I just read A sisters Forgiveness and loved it although it was difficult because I lost my 18 yr. old son Jonathan in a car accident in 1997. You captured a lot of the feelings and emotions that happen. I was glad the family could reconcile. I also read the first Pinecraft book about Hester and John. When is book 3?

    • Marianne, Thanks for letting me know and I am so very sorry for your loss. How difficult that must be for you. Book 3 is titled A MOTHER’S PROMISE and will be out next November. Please know that you are in my prayers. All best, Anna

  2. Karine says:

    Hello from France, I’m sorry for you loss…I’ve received my copy of “Greta” recently, and your husband was still alive then. Here in France, anti-religious (to all religions) people are very strong, and it reflects in the editorial choices, so, I’m very happy with internet: I can read good christian novels thanks to e-shops (The book depository or Amazon). I follow your books and love them. These days, I use to say to people: don’t try to be a bad or medium writer but, try to be a good reader, that’s what the world needs! I’ve just started to put summaries of books on my blog and they’re very appreciated by my followers. I understand from what they tell me that, very often, they don’t know what to buy, the critics are not always fair: they’re disappointed with over-estimated books and they think that reading is not their thing. It’s a lot of work to prove them wrong. Thank you again for your good & useful work,

    • Karine (lovely name!),
      Thanks so much for writing and from France yet–one of my favorite places in the world!!! I hope you and your readers will also take a look at my other Mennonite/Amish series: THE WOMEN OF PINECRAFT published by Barbour. The third and final book in this series–A MOTHER’S PROMISE–will be available soon. Many book groups are finding the 2nd novel (A SISTER’S FORGIVENESS) enormously discussable with its theme of forgiveness. Thanks again for being in touch!! All best, Anna

  3. Karine says:

    Hello, I have the Pinecraft books, haven’t read them yet… With a full time job I have a big stock of books, I could open my own library… 😉
    I really loved “Family blessings”, perhaps because for me characters are more important than the story, there I had it all. Have a good day,

    • Sorry for the confusion, Maridel (LOVE that name!!). Book 2 is titled SIMPLE FAITH and will be out in Spring, 2014. Book 3 is SAFE HAVEN and will be out in Sept. 2014. In the meantime I have a novella and a reprint of two previous books coming just in time for holiday giving plus a re-issue of a book I wrote a few years ago entitled THIS SIDE OF HEAVEN that is available now. Check my website for updates and thanks for being in touch!! Anna

  4. C.J. Stringer says:

    I have read a lot of Amish novels….some better than others. I volunteer at a hospital gift shop, and we sell used books. A week or so ago, I found a paperback written by you! I didn’t realize it was #2 in a series! & just finished reading it….”Family Blessings”. I LOVED it….it was hard to put down, and LOVED the ending. I will now try to find the first, third and fourth books in the series! lol Hoping that the 3rd and 4th have more about Jeremiah, Pleasant and their family! Blessings to you, cj

    • So glad you enjoyed Pleasant’s story!!! Hope you are able to find the rest of the series–try the used book section on amazon as one or more of the titles may be out of print. Thanks for posting. Anna

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