NOTE FROM ANNA: From time to time I’ll post information on projects completed, books coming out, projects that are in the ‘noodling’ or idea stage. Hope you will let me know your comments on my stories–past, presetn and future.

I just finished the second in the LAST CHANCE COWBOYS series. Book One: THE DRIFTER will be out in September (and available for pre-order soon); Book Two: THE LAWMAN continues the story of the Porterfield clan from Arizona. I hope you enjoy getting to know this lively family as they find true love while working their way through the trials and challenges of life on the frontier in the late 19th century.

Available for pre-order now

Available for pre-order


NOTE FROM ANNA: From time to time I will send out writing exercises for those followers who write or have a calling to write. These are just for you–no need to share unless you feel called to do so.

Where are you? Describe in detail as if setting the scene for your novel or short story.

Why are you there?

Are others there as well? If so, describe them. If not, describe your feelings at being in this place and alone.


NOTE FROM ANNA: From time to time I plan to post comments on books I have read–or am reading–on this blog. I hope this will inspire you to share your comments on that book–or one you have read as well.

If you have not yet read Anthony Doerr’s ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE, and you are a fan of historical–especially WWII–fiction, I urge you to download, purchase, borrow this Pulitzer Prize winning novel now.

All the Light We Cannot See

Currently reading: THE SEA by Irish author, John Banville. Stay tuned!