Barbara Vey is an incredible woman who five years ago decided readers needed to understand how truly appreciated they are by authors…specifically romance authors. To that end she organized a luncheon at a community center and invited a few romance authors and readers to attend. About fifty showed up and an event was born. Now five years later the luncheon has grown to an entire weekend of events where readers mingle with new and top-selling authors in a variety of venues and take home gift baskets, door prizes, elaborate favors, and the memory of a weekend spent with some of their favorite authors. The attendance at this year’s event had grown from fifty to about five hundred!

If you are a reader of romance, I urge you to ‘google’ Barbara and ‘Reader Appreciation Weekend’ to learn more. Tickets go on sale in August and sell out FAST! Several attendees were mothers and daughters who share a love of reading and made this a special weekend just in time for Mother’s Day.